Special deals

For this third special deal, we teamed up with Kush Audio to offer you the Omega Transformer Model A. This plugin is a powerful API Preamp emulation which will give punch and power to all your tracks.

Cousin of the Transformer Model N, Model A opens up the midrange and adds API style top-end as it drives.



Past deals

Special deal with Flux::

Available until: 2018/04/30

For this special deal, we teamed up with Flux:: to offer you the most versatile analyser in the audio market. Studio Session Analyzer provides a comprehensive range of analyser options for any imaginable audio analysis and measurement applications.

Please find the installation and registration instructions here.


Special deal with PSPaudioware

Available until: 2017/10/31

For our first special deal, we have teamed up with PSPaudioware to offer a FREE copy of the PSP ECHO to all our premium members.