Learn music production from the world's top music mixers and producers


Nick Launay

Processing Drums
Join us at Sphere studios in Hollywood for a workshop series with Nick Launay! Using the Pro Tools mix session of ‘King of Bones’ by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the renowned producer demonstrates a few of his favorite drum processing techniques.

Songwriting Techniques

Alex Kapranos

We're thrilled to release our first ever series with Alex Kapranos, frontman of the Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand! We joined the acclaimed musician at Motorbass Studio to explore his diversity of influences and unconventional approaches to songwriting. He shares his methods of triggering creativity, applies writing techniques to voice and guitar, and demonstrates his composition workflow with Ableton Live!

Bob Clearmountain & Tchad Blake

Namm Show

We’re proud to present our second series of Mix with the Masters workshops at NAMM 2020! This instalment features a discussion between two legendary mixers – Tchad Blake and Bob Clearmountain. They share stories of their careers, discuss mixing techniques, and answer a variety of questions from the audience
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Inside The Track

Eddie Kramer

‘All Along the Watchtower’ by Jimi Hendrix
Join Eddie Kramer for a unique series on his revolutionary work with Jimi Hendrix! The legendary producer recounts his collaboration with the rock star, sharing details of the process behind their innovative records. He focuses mainly on the song ‘All Along the Watchtower’ – playing stems through a console, explaining how the parts were recorded, and revealing how he pioneered creative new effects.
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Producing a Track

Malay & IRIS

We're delighted to bring you another series with the immensely talented producer Malay! Filmed at Studios La Fabrique during his 2019 seminar, this documents the process of him recording, producing, and performing on the song 'Them' by singer-songwriter Iris. You'll witness how Malay builds a production quickly and impulsively by incorporating his unique workflow, empathising with the artist, and experimenting freely!
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Inside the Track

Peter Katis

Producing & Mixing Death Cab for Cutie
Welcome to Tarquin Studios for a series on tracking, production, and mixing with Peter Katis! In this instalment, the renowned producer focuses on the alternative rock single 'Kids in '99' by Death Cab for Cutie. Peter discusses song arrangement, shares his recording techniques, and imparts his hybrid mix workflow that harnesses the best of analog and digital capabilities!

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