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The process of greatness fostering greatness has long been recognized, and is the reason why our master classes are organized. The Mix With The Masters (MWTM) seminars have long been part of this tradition, offering an exchange of in-depth, first-hand studio experience along with knowledge that is unparalleled and not available anywhere else. Each seminar is conducted by one of the world’s top music mixers and producers, ready to share their professional secrets with a select group (typically 14 to 18 attendees) of carefully-screened, professional-level participants who come from all over the world.

One factor that contributes to the enormous success of our seminars is that all tutors share a deep and mutual understanding of the general MWTM ethos; a love of music, a comprehensive knowledge of music technology, and passion to grow our creative community through the teaching and helping of others. In part, participants are selected for their similarly positive dispositions, displaying eagerness and an open mind. The fact that our seminars last a full week is another major contributing factor to their success. Having such an extended and intimate amount of time together offers masters the time and space to go into real technical and emotional depth, while giving participants the opportunity to spend a prolonged amount of time watching a master at his peak, and ability to ask any questions they can think of.

The experts share exclusive, insider-information on any subject desired: detailed technical knowledge, how to run sessions, how to handle artists, managing a career, the maintenance of a positive attitude, building and sustaining success, and more. The tutors also assess the work of participants, by listening to their mixes, mixing recording sessions that they bring, and providing extensive feedback to each participant about where they are at, and how they can get to where they want to be. This invaluable input offers a unique advantage to those participants wanting to become world-class professionals in their own right.

Another primary factor in making the MWTM seminars exceptional is that they take place at La Fabrique, a large, comfortable, high-end recording studio thoughtfully designed in a picturesque historic building. Surrounded by huge, lush grounds in the south-east of France, you are amidst one of the world’s most beautiful environments during your stay. The secluded and idyllic location offers participants and tutors space to relax and recharge, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and the all-demanding intensity of their more routine professional environments.

Because the courses are residential, the participants and tutors work, eat, socialize, and sleep in the same setting. While masters, and attendants, will at times opt to retire to their private quarters, there is ample opportunity for social interaction outside of the studio environment. Participants interact extensively with each other and the tutor, making it easier to assimilate the intangible qualities necessary to be successful at the highest level— presence, focus, social skills, intelligence, creativity, right attitude, and so on.

In short, for seven days participants are able to experience mixing with a master in both senses of the phrase, mixing and interacting with them.

"For me the most important aspect of the Mix With The Masters seminars is to try to get the message across that it’s not about the gear. It’s about your attitude and finding a personal method at any given time."


"It is one thing to learn about things in magazines and on-line, it is something else to be with someone in the room who shows it to you and is willing to stop and explain himself and go into detail as to why he makes certain decisions and why he thinks they work."


“With everyone having access to the same tools and the same know-how, it’s more about your capacity to deal with the artists and producers, and to get their approval and put the mix to bed and deliver it.”


There are no current weeklong seminars at the moment.

"For some people it might have been a great learning experience, for some, game changing. For me it was: life changing! I was at Michael Brauer’s seminar in 2011, and still learning from my notes I took during the seminar! Incredible facility, incredible people, incredible knowledge !"

Roman English - Saint-Petersburg, Russia


"As a professional mixer I was curious which new tricks to get out from the masterclass but MWTM blew my mind. The days at La Fabrique changed my whole emotional approach towards the role in the studio and especially my mixing! I´m looking forward to going back !"

Stephan Zeh - Mitterfeld, German


"MWTM was for me like years of experience in a studio learned in one week. That’s you right in the spot, looking each track with a microscope… Absolutely mind blowing!"

Eduardo Lima - Sao Paulo, Brazil


"When I found this opportunity to learn from the guys that have made some of my favorite records, there were just no way I could miss out on that offer. The workshops have given me everything from new inspiration and techniques to use when mixing and recording, lessons in how to communicate with artists and bring out the best in their music."

Henning Svoren - Aalesund, Norway


"I’ve been participant at Mix With The Masters (Michael Brauer, Tchad Blake and Chris Lord-Alge). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from your idols. An eye opening, inspiring experience that is unrivaled in our field. The team at La Fabrique puts something really special. Thank you so much and can’t wait to go again."

Richard Furch - Los Angeles, USA


"I attended the second ever MWTM seminar with Michael Brauer. What I came away with was a mental reset and eye-opening inspiration to mix not on a technical level, but on an emotional level. Not to mention, you meet a dozen new friends from all around the world who all share the same passion. Incredible program, impeccable hospitality."

Andrew Maury - Brooklyn NY, USA


"I then saw that Al Schmitt was scheduled, and knew I needed to attend! My experience at La Fabrique was amazing….As an engineer, my skills set increased tenfold. I walked away with more information, and learned more fantastic techniques in that week then I would in 6 months of school. Thanks again Al, and everyone at MTWM. I’ll be back!"

Paul Andrews - Colorado, USA


"Originally, I just wanted to get to know some of those great guys behind the desks of some of my favorite albums. Ended up with not only tons of impressions, insight in highest-end pro-productions, tips for everyday job-life.  Mixing and producing music is surely one, if the greatest, professions in the world."

Toni Hinterholzinger - Nürnberg, Germany


"I’m still learning something new each and every day. Either you have an idea of what’s going on, or you will miss the best part: hearing « through the ears » of an undisputed grandmaster. What I wasn’t expecting at all was the positive vibes from a group of brothers-in-mind who shared that week with me."

Dietz Tinhof - Vienna, Austria


"I was expecting MWTM to be a special occasion and to help me move forward with music production. My expectations were blown away from day one. It turned out to be the best experience of my life and with music aside, was a life changing experience. It has been a source of inspiration for not only my career but my entire life everyday since."

Peter Holz - Sidney, Australia


"This week changed drastically my way of mixing for the better. All the knowledge shared is still infusing more than a year later, and the bonds created within the group hold strong. All that in one of the slickest studios in the world! Definitely a must for anyone whose passion for people equals passion for music."

Seb Riou - Grenoble, France


"Going to La Fabrique to attend a seminar is a better investment than buying a new piece of gear. To me it was a life-changing experience!"

Alan Vukelic - Bietigheim, Germany


"I participated in the 2012 MWTM with Tchad Blake. If, like me, you’re a self-taught engineer/producer, the MWTM sessions are possibly a very revealing confirmation that you’re doing things… right! That’s what this was for me. It was a blast to pull up some of Tchad’s mixes and find out how he achieved certain sounds and effects."

Davy Gallant - Drummondville, Canada


"So glad I went to the MWTM seminar with Manny Marroquin! Taking a step back from the usual tech talk and getting into the philosophy of mixing was a real mind opener. I highly recommend taking a MWTM seminar to any serious engineer who is looking for an extra edge and wants to learn from the best in the business!"

Alex Brouwer - NYC, USA


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