White Lightning

Staci Griesbach

Steve Genewick

  • Mixing

Step inside the legendary Capitol Studios for our second series on mixing in Dolby Atmos! This instalment is hosted by Steve Genewick, a renowned engineer who began exploring this format in 2017 and pioneered a number of techniques. Alongside Ceri Thomas of Dolby Music, Genewick opens the stereo mix session of 'White Lightning' by Staci Griesbach and demonstrates how he transfers the material to a new session for mixing in Atmos. He explains how he changed his Pro Tools stereo mix template for this workflow, and gives you a walkthrough of his routing, inserts, and positioning of tracks using objects and zones. You will learn Steve's method of adapting mono effects plug-ins for Atmos, his binaural parameter settings, how he manages integrated loudness, and much more!

Steve Genewick

About Steve Genewick

Steve Genewick is an American recording and mix engineer with vast experience in live show and studio environments. He has worked primarily out of Capitol Studios in Los Angeles as a staff engineer since 1994, having had the honour of collaborating regularly with the late 23-time Grammy award-winning engineer and producer Al Schmitt. Genewick has worked with countless top-tier acts including Bastille, Elton John, Trisha Yearwood, Diana Krall, Gladys Knight, Neil Young, Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach,...

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