First edition

FILTER Magazine

We’re delighted and super-proud to present you our latest MWTM project: FILTER magazine! This bimonthly music & sound magazine, written by music makers, is the latest example of our ongoing drive to bring you content that’s exciting and informative! This new format will allow us to share exclusive in-depth interviews, very detailed technical articles, cultural Insights, industry updates, societal discussions, curated Masters playlists, special games and much more. Don’t miss our first edition featuring a new interview with producer Illangelo, a detailed analysis & comparison of the mix busses of many top-class mixers including Jaycen Joshua, Chris Lord-Alge and Tchad Blake, playlists by Shawn Everett and Leslie Brathwaite and other surprises! (Digital magazine only - print version coming soon - as part of the mwtm pro membership)
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