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Mixing ‘Playa’ by Carol Souki
We’re back at Studios La Fabrique for another chapter featuring the prestigious team of Dave Pensado and Jaycen Joshua! Together the pair tackle the mix of ‘Playa’ by Carol Souki, with Jaycen building its foundations and Dave polishing the vocals. You’ll see how Joshua increases perceived loudness and clarity, while Pensado teaches how to craft a pristine vocal.


MWTM at Abbey Road

Celebrating Abbey Road’s 90th anniversary
To celebrate their 90th anniversary, the legendary Abbey Road Studios have invited Mix with the Masters to host a series of special events on November 11, 2021. Abbey Road will exceptionally open the doors of Studio 2 to host MWTM panels, masterclasses, and Q&As throughout the day with artists, engineers and producers.

Inside The Track


Producing ‘My Love’ by Justin Timberlake feat. T.I.
The MWTM series debut with Grammy-winning producer Danja is here! Filmed at Dream Asylum studios in Florida, these videos take you through the process of creating ‘My Love’, the 2006 smash hit performed by Justin Timberlake with T.I. and Timbaland. With the Pro Tools production session open, Danja cycles through each part to explain how it was made and discuss its purpose in the project.
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Mixing in Atmos

Steve Genewick

Mixing 'White Lightning' by Staci Griesbach
Step inside the legendary Capitol Studios for our second series on mixing in Dolby Atmos! This instalment is hosted by Steve Genewick, a renowned engineer who began exploring this format in 2017 and pioneered a number of techniques. He opens the stereo mix session of 'White Lightning' by Staci Griesbach and demonstrates how he remixes the material in Atmos!
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Mixing in

Dolby Atmos

Introduction to Dolby Atmos
Join us at Capitol Studios for our debut series on Dolby Atmos! Set in Studio C, this instalment serves as the first episode of our 'Mixing in Atmos' collection. Dolby Music expert Ceri Thomas introduces the cutting-edge technology, then gives a comprehensive walkthrough of its components, applications, and workflow. He shares a wealth of detailed information about this fascinating step forward in audio!



An exceptional mixing seminar with LESLIE!
We are delighted to announce another week-long seminar happening this year! From December 1-7, 2021, we will be welcoming the immensely talented mixer Leslie Brathwaite. The special event will take place at the enchanting Studios La Fabrique near Avignon in the South of France. Throughout the week, Leslie will focus primarily on mixing ‘in the box’ while also covering other aspects of making records. This will be a private, in-person seminar, with Brathwaite sharing his knowledge, techniques, and philosophy exclusively with the participants. They will also have the opportunity to work with him on their own projects and receive individual feedback. Attendees will have full-board accommodation at the high-end recording studio, each with their own rooms within the mansion and gourmet meals prepared by our chefs. Please apply now if you wish to join us!

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