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Inside The Track #14

Peter Katis

We are very excited to present our new Inside the Track series with Grammy Award Winner audio alchemist Peter Katis at Tarquin Studios. In this exclusive 1h mixing tutorial, Peter Katis breaks down the hit song « The system only dreams in total darkness » from Grammy Award-Winning Album for Best Alternative Music - Sleep Well Beast by The National, showing us how he uses compression, subtractive EQ and saturation to achieve his unique sound.

Inside the Track

Greg Wells

Mixing "The Greatest Show"
In this brand new series of videos, join record producer and songwriter Greg Wells as he presents his session for the opening of Oscar nominated blockbuster: The Greatest Showman. In this 1h30 production tutorial, Wells reveals his tricks about mixing vocals, his mixbus chain and parallel compression. He also explains the incredible story behind the film and its production nuances.
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Inside the Track

Nick Launay

Mixing Anna Calvi "As a Man"
Join Nick Launay at Spheres Studio in Los Angeles for a brand new mixing tutorial. In this 1h40 series of videos, the Lord of Dark Wave walks you through his different steps of mixing techniques in the box with the song « As a Man » by the outstanding british singer Anna Calvi. Nick Launay reveals his tricks to mix in a cheaper way, starting mixing at home in the box and finalizing his work at the studio using the desk and analog outboard gears like the mystic EARS compressor for example.
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Mastering Workshop

Mike Bozzi

We’re very excited to present our second Mastering workshop, this time featuring multiplatinum mastering engineer Mike Bozzi. He reveals the mastering process he used in Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’, SZA’s ‘The weekend’ and ‘Love Galore’ hit tracks. He also explains his mastering approach using Equalization, De-essing and Limiting in order to achieve the final step of the music production process.
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Tchad Blake

2 video series & download his Template
This week, we're really excited to exceptionally share 2 video series of Grammy-Award winner Tchad Blake. Join him as he walks you through his entire mixing workshop revealing how he mixes drums, guitar & bass. In addition, you can now watch Tchad explain his carefully crafted mixing template step by step and download it to experiment with your own material!

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Sylvia Massy

The Melvins

Recording a band #4

Series | 2h30

Andrew Scheps

Halloway "Crossfire"

Deconstructing a Mix #7

Series | 2h47

Andy Wallace

Avenged Sevenfold "Natural Born Killer"

Deconstructing a Mix #3

Series | 4h23

Chris Lord-Alge

Ivo "Let Her Know "

Deconstructing a Mix #1

Series | 2h01

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Peter Katis

The National "The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness"

Inside The Track #14

Series | 01:01:19

Greg Wells

The Greatest Showman "The Greatest Show"

Inside the track #13

Series | 01h34

Nick Launay

Anna Calvi "As A Man"

Inside the Track #12

Series | 1h30

Mike Bozzi

Kendrick Lamar, SZA

Mastering Workshop #2

Series | 1h00

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