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  • Writing & Producing 'Bags'

    with Rostam Batmanglij

    Join the two multidisciplinary artists and producers as they look back on their experiences working together on Clairo’s genre-bending debut album, Immunity. You will learn the secrets behind the song’s swirling vocal arrangements and left-field instrumentation, all created using standard recording equipment and creative processing. The four-part series also ventures into some of the more complex psychological aspects of record-making. As they trade stories from the recording process, the two collaborators riff on the importance of building confidence and trust in the studio, and the value of trusting your instincts when the going gets tough.

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  • Remixing ‘Tomorrow’

    by Brittany Howard

    Join the groundbreaking mixer Shawn Everett for a series filmed at Rue Boyer studios in Paris!
    Throughout this 3-hour video presentation, you’ll get an exclusive look at how the Grammy Award-winning engineer challenges himself to remix ‘Tomorrow’ by Brittany Howard. This is not only a remix though – Shawn rearranges parts, makes bold edits, and gets very experimental with a sample of ancient Roman flute music.

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  • Remixing 'Welcome to the Black Parade'

    by My Chemical Romance

    Step inside Chris Lord-Alge’s impressive studio ‘Mix L.A.’ to observe the legendary mix engineer at work!
    In this five-part instalment, CLA remixes the multiple award-winning rock anthem ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance.
    Despite his ability to achieve top-class results working ‘in the box’, Chris tackles this ambitious project in his favourite way – all analog!

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  • Mastering in the Digital Domain

    at Sterling Sound

    Brought to you from Sterling Sound in New Jersey, this series is led by mastering engineer Idania Valencia!
    For her MWTM debut, Idania gives a comprehensive walkthrough of her philosophy, workflow, and techniques. Demonstrating her expertise on six different projects, she conveys how to efficiently use a handful of plug-ins to consistently achieve ‘in the box’ results on par with high-end analog chains. She also discusses monitoring, SRC, loudness penalisation, and much more!

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  • Production Seminar #4

    Advanced Mix Techniques

    Filmed at Studios La Fabrique, this in-depth series uncovers a number of innovative mix techniques used regularly by Dave Pensado and Jaycen Joshua.
    They play excerpts of some of their favorite-sounding records, comment on the mixes, and explain why they’re a benchmark for their own aspirations.
    Jaycen opens multiple Pro Tools sessions to show his work on projects by Ed Sheeran, Poo Bear, Juanes ft. Sebastián Yatra, and Meek Mill ft. Drake.

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Mix with the Masters organizes the most prestigious and sought after events for music producers and engineers. Spanning over a decade, our seminars have brought together thousands of participants in week-long seminars at Studios La Fabrique, Masterclasses all over the world and through Online events. The Mix with the Masters seminars have long been part of the tradition of fostering greatness, offering an exchange of in-depth, first-hand studio experience along with knowledge that is unparalleled and not available anywhere else.

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    Join a select group of under 20 participants for the most exclusive event, a Week-Long seminar with your favorite music engineer or producer at Studios La Fabrique in the South of France. *fees apply

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    Participate in exclusive masterclasses in various locations worldwide. In these intensive and in depth studio sessions, you will learn more from your favorite engineers and producers about mixing, recording, production methods and workflows. *fees apply

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    Connect online with fellow Pro members in exclusive events such as Webinars or Online Masterclasses and learn from the world’s top producers and engineers.

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Frequently asked questions

Pro Membership

It is a community, platform, and service offering a premium level of education in the art and science of making records! The MWTM team has joined forces with some of the world’s most highly-regarded engineers, producers, and artists to share their knowledge and impart their skills through in-depth tutorial videos and exclusive events. Our award-winning roster of highly successful music industry personnel share their favorite techniques for tracking, production, beat-making, song writing, mixing, and mastering. They convey this priceless information through seminars, webinars, and the extensive catalogue of MWTM video series.

This membership gives users full access to over five hundred hours of tutorial videos, a selection of downloadable multi-track sessions, access to Pro member-only events, exclusive deals on products from our partners, and over $1500 worth of audio plug-ins. All of this becomes available in your account the moment you become a Pro member!

There is a selection of MWTM membership types, rates, and payment plans available.

  • - Pro membership ($319 upfront or $27.90 monthly for one year)
  • - Student membership ($159 upfront or $14.90 monthly for one year)
  • - Free membership (limited video content included and the option to buy certain series individually)

The paid membership plans give twelve months of unlimited access. The monthly plans require a commitment to pay once per month for a full year. Student memberships require proof of student status. More information can be found here.

MWTM Events

The MWTM teams offers a variety of educational events hosted around the globe.

Our flagship events are week-long seminars that take place at a luxurious residential recording studio in the South of France called ‘La Fabrique’. These unique experiences have been occurring since MWTM was founded in 2010, and they have reportedly changed the careers of so many who greatly benefited from attending.

More information can be found here

Masterclasses are held at various locations, typically at a large recording studio in a music industry capital city. Previous masterclasses have taken place in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Each masterclass includes lunch, however other meals, transport, and accommodation are to be arranged by the participants.

More information can be found here

Our simple application process involves letting us know of your experience with audio and including some examples of projects you’ve worked on.

For week-long seminars in the South of France, please apply here.

For Masterclasses in various locations, please apply here.

Applications are welcome from everybody!

The MWTM programme was launched in 2010 after the first ever week-long seminar was conducted at Studios La Fabrique. At the time, it was intended to be a one-off event and the company did not exist. After the astonishing success and positive feedback following the debut seminar, MWTM was formed and further seminars were hosted featuring different guest speakers. To date, over one hundred and twenty seminars have taken place!

Aside from hosting an average of twelve week-long seminars per year, MWTM has also run a number of Masterclasses and exclusive recording studio gatherings in the United States, typically coinciding with pro audio conventions by NAMM and AES. Our presence at these conventions has involved hundreds of live hour-long workshops given by A-list producers and engineers using a large-format console on stage!

In the United Kingdom, Mix with the Masters has conducted Masterclasses in London, exhibited at conferences, and curated a number of special guest appearances at Abbey Road Studios for its 90th anniversary festival in 2021.