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Deconstructing a Mix


Mixing 'Go Girl' by Luke James
Join us at Dream Asylum Studios in Miami for our second instalment on hybrid mixing with Marcella Araica! In this series, the acclaimed engineer gives you an insight into the creation of 'Go Girl' by Luke James. She recounts the various stages of tracking, discusses production by Danja, and demonstrates her techniques by remixing the multi-track!

Inside The Track

Peter Katis

Mixing "You Had Your Soul With You" by The National
We're proud to present another video series with Grammy-winning producer and engineer Peter Katis! This footage reveals how he mixed The National's 2019 single 'You Had Your Soul with You'. Peter shows you how he treated the majority of separate tracks 'in the box' while infusing a dose of analog mojo on his hardware master chain.
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Production Seminar #1


with Jaycen Joshua & Dave Pensado
We're beyond excited to release our first series with the phenomenal music producer Timbaland! Hosted at Studios La Fabrique, this eight-part installment brings you a profound conversation between Tim and two outstanding mixers, Dave Pensado and Jaycen Joshua. They focus on Timbaland's production approach, workflow, and unique style that he has infused into countless hit records.
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Shawn Everett

Sound Experimentation
Step inside Shawn Everett's personal studio and watch his creativity run wild! In this novel series, the highly innovative producer takes you on a journey of bold experimentation with audio. He captures some basic sounds, applies copious processing, then mixes the unrecognisable results with a record by The War On Drugs. Ingenuity has no limits!



Vocal Production for 'Why Don't We'
We're thrilled to release our first ever series with the prestigious vocal producer, songwriter, arranger, and engineer Kuk Harrell! Hosted at Sphere Studios in Hollywood, this instalment dives deep into the art and science of evoking, capturing, and embellishing a vocal performance.

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