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Josh Lloyd-Watson, known under the alias J Lloyd, is a British producer, songwriter and musician from London, UK. He is one of the founding members and songwriters of the British electronic group, Jungle.

Jungle was formed in early 2013 as a collaborative project between Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland. Initially keeping their true identities a secret, the band relied solely on their enigmatic sound and visuals to reach an audience. A bet that paid off when their first two albums, released through XL Recordings, achieved dazzling success both critically and commercially. Multiple world tours followed, and the band appeared on major festival stages across the globe.

Several years after the band’s meteoric rise to fame, J embarked on his first solo project under his own alias. This period resulted in “Kosmos”, a glimmering 25-track mixtape that he produced and composed in just 72 hours. Lauded by tastemakers from across the globe, the record eschews pop song structures in favor of more experimental forms that transition seamlessly from track to track.

Newly energized by his solo pursuits, J later returned to the studio with Jungle to begin work on their third and fourth albums. Both released on the band’s own Caiola Records, the two albums spawned several hit singles and a handful of thrilling collaborations with Channel Tres, Bas, Erick the Architect and Lydia Kitto. The albums’ success matched the band’s growing reputation on the live and festival circuits, and in 2024 they were awarded their first BRIT award.

Outside of these personal creative projects, J has quietly lent his talents to several other projects across a wide range of styles and genres. He has collaborated with highly influential artists including Sault, Diplo, Aluna, Cleo Sol, Bas, Jnr Williams and Poppy Ajudha.

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