The Predator

Alan Meyerson

  • Mixing

Enter the compelling world of film score mixing at Studios La Fabrique with the acclaimed engineer Alan Meyerson! We explore the multi-track of a piece from the 2018 sci-fi action movie 'The Predator', composed by Henry Jackman and recorded at the Newman Scoring Stage of 20th Century Fox. Meyerson reveals his microphone, preamp and signal routing decisions at the tracking stage, then takes you through every aspect of the intricate Pro Tools session. We observe how he harnesses modern DAW, plug-in and control surface technology to manage expansive track counts and let mixing creativity flourish. Alan explains his implementation of groups, VCAs, auxiliary channels, master faders, automation, time-alignment, pitch-shifting, and more. He also shows his array of plug-ins and parameter settings used to treat a wide variety of orchestral instruments and samples.

Alan Meyerson

About Alan Meyerson

Alan Meyerson is one of the greatest movie scoring mixers of the modern era. With 200+ credits on IMDb and double that amount on AllMusic.com, Meyerson has an unparalleled wealth of experience in engineering and mixing in general, and score mixing in particular. He has worked with leading film score composers like James Newton Howard, John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams, and Danny Elfman, and has a particularly long-standing working relationship with the great Hans Zimmer that continues to this...

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