Kacey Musgraves

(02 min / 1h14)

Shawn Everett

  • Mixing

Explore the mix of this hit single, taken from the artist’s multi-award-winning country album, ‘Golden Hour’. Drawing influence from psychedelic rock and synth pop, Shawn crafts an unusual mix that has set a new standard for country music as we know it.

Shawn begins with a look at his controversial ‘pre-mastering’ techniques. By filtering the rough mix through a series of compressors, EQs and analog tape emulations, he is able to hear the music from a unique perspective and prepare the song for today’s challenging loudness algorithms.

He then pulls back the curtain to reveal the mix techniques that brought this eclectic song to life. You will learn experimental approaches to multiband processing, binaural panning, reamping and more as Shawn enhances the tone and texture of each instrument. He shares his favorite tools for adding color to drums, guitars, strings, vocals and more, with a specific focus on the mythic Fairchild compressor – a device which features extensively across this album. He explores both the analog and digital versions of this tool, and he uses it in different ways to create texture, depth and character.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, French

Shawn Everett

About Shawn Everett

Shawn Everett is a Canadian engineer and producer who has won multiple Grammy and Juno awards for his work with Alabama Shakes, Kacey Musgraves, The War on Drugs, and others. After graduating high school, Everett was accepted as a Work-Study participant in the Audio program in Music & Sound at The Banff Centre, Alberta. He took the opportunity to immerse himself in unconventional audio practices over the following four years, experimenting in the campus studios and working on sonic installations. Everett...

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