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Join us at the enchanting Studios La Fabrique for the first MWTM series featuring Steve Albini! In this instalment, the analog purist records a band to 24-track tape and mixes the project using a Neve RS88 console and outboard gear. Albini shares a wealth of knowledge amassed throughout his long career, eloquently describing the factors he takes into consideration for top-quality results. He goes into great detail on important aspects of engineering – microphone type, placement, voltage, polarity, acoustics, and much more. Additionally, one episode is hosted by his assistant Greg Norman, who concisely explains and demonstrates the alignment procedures and techniques of setting up a tape machine. You’ll learn all about why the legendary Steve Albini remains completely in the analog domain, and witness his expertise on a live rock band session!

Steve Albini

About Steve Albini

Steve Albini is a well-known engineer, mixer, and studio owner who lives and works at his Electric Audio studio in Chicago, Illinois. He is also the guitarist and main singer of the grunge band Shellac. Albini continues to work almost entirely in the analogue domain, being known for recording "live in the studio" as much as possible. He also places particular emphasis on the selection and use of microphones in achieving a desired sound, and to best capture the ambience. In 2004, Albini estimated...

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