Back to the Shack


Tom Lord-Alge

  • Mixing

Step inside Spank Studios in Miami, home of renowned rock mixer Tom Lord-Alge! This in-depth series focusses on TLA's editing and mix techniques used on 'Back to the Shack' by Weezer. Tom explains his hybrid setup and workflow, giving a rationale for choosing to implement a combination of Pro Tools, a Sony 3348 HR tape machine, and his SSL G+ console. Following an overview of his setup, TLA takes you through the mix session and reveals some of his very clever and useful techniques; notably, how he triggers drum samples with high precision and removes cymbal leakage from tom-tom signals.You'll see how he effectively manages his sessions, time-aligns drums, adds effects to vocals, compresses his mix buss, and much more!

Tom Lord-Alge

About Tom Lord-Alge

Tom Lord-Alge, the younger brother of mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge, is a 3 time Grammy Award winning producer and mix engineer. One of Tom’s first major projects was the Multi-Grammy Award winning album Back In The High Life by Steve Winwood, for which Tom earned his first of two Best Engineered Recording Grammy Awards. During this time Tom worked with such artists as Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, OMD, Jeff Beck, Chaka Kahn, Level 42, Peter Cetera, Go West, Michael McDonald and Rick Astley....

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