Flagship Studio of MWTM

Rue Boyer Studios

Tucked away on an artistic street in eastern Paris is a groundbreaking recording complex built for the modern age. Designed by world-renowned architect and acoustician John Storyk, Rue Boyer evokes the vintage spirit of historic rooms such as Electric Lady or Abbey Road, whilst injecting cutting-edge functionality that is fit for the future.


Rue Boyer is located in a two-story building in a residential area within the inner ring of Paris. The recording studio is located on the bottom floor and the top floors consist of a series of production suites and office space used by the Mix with the Masters staff for day to day needs.
The studio consists of two main rooms, the 48m2 / 517 SF Studio A which serves as the primary teaching area but can also be converted into a live room, and the 19.5m2 / 204 SF Studio B. Studio A is designed to seat up to 20 students, and its 48-channel E-series SSL 4000 console is located on an elevator platform which allows it to disappear into the floor and easily convert the room into a live room where needed, with Studio B serving as the control room. Studio A is equipped with acoustic dampening curtains in order to provide maximum flexibility for its various uses and is also set up for Dolby ATMOS and video projection.

The studio also features a 15m2 Drum Room, side room, a pair of ISO Booths and a lounge. All the rooms have flexible connectivity to allow for multiple useful configurations. The lounge area of the studio was formerly a garden, and as such now features a glass ceiling and windows in order to preserve the aesthetics and feel of a calm, outdoor space.


  • "I was expecting MWTM to be a special occasion and to help me move forward with music production. My expectations were blown away from day one. It turned out to be the best experience of my life and with music aside, was a life changing experience. It has been a source of inspiration for not only my career but my entire life everyday since."

    Peter Holz - Sidney, Australia
  • "I then saw that Al Schmitt was scheduled, and knew I needed to attend! My experience at La Fabrique was amazing….As an engineer, my skills set increased tenfold. I walked away with more information, and learned more fantastic techniques in that week then I would in 6 months of school. Thanks again Al, and everyone at MTWM. I’ll be back!"

    Paul Andrews - Colorado, USA
  • "This week changed drastically my way of mixing for the better. All the knowledge shared is still infusing more than a year later, and the bonds created within the group hold strong. All that in one of the slickest studios in the world! Definitely a must for anyone whose passion for people equals passion for music."

    Seb Riou - Grenoble, France
  • "Originally, I just wanted to get to know some of those great guys behind the desks of some of my favorite albums. Ended up with not only tons of impressions, insight in highest-end pro-productions, tips for everyday job-life.  Mixing and producing music is surely one, if the greatest, professions in the world."

    Toni Hinterholzinger - Nürnberg, Germany
  • "As a professional mixer I was curious which new tricks to get out from the masterclass but MWTM blew my mind. The days at La Fabrique changed my whole emotional approach towards the role in the studio and especially my mixing! I´m looking forward to going back !"

    Stephan Zeh - Mitterfeld, German


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