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Chris Lord-Alge

Join Chris Lord-Alge at La Fabrique for a week-long mixing seminar from October 03–09! The American engineer is a true force to be reckoned with in the studio. Since the 1980s, his mixes have dominated charts and airwaves across the globe, with notable contributions to seminal albums and singles by Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Muse, Prince, Tina Turner, and more.

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The price of a seminar starts at €4000 and includes all advantages described below. You can apply to several seminars at once.

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The process of greatness fostering greatness has long been recognized, and is the reason why our master classes are organized. The Mix With The Masters (MWTM) seminars have long been part of this tradition, offering an exchange of in-depth, first-hand studio experience along with knowledge that is unparalleled and not available anywhere else. Each seminar is conducted by one of the world’s top music mixers and producers, ready to share their professional secrets with a select group (typically 14 to 18 attendees) of carefully-screened, professional-level participants who come from all over the world.

One factor that contributes to the enormous success of our seminars is that all tutors share a deep and mutual understanding of the general MWTM ethos; a love of music, a comprehensive knowledge of music technology, and passion to grow our creative community through the teaching and helping of others. In part, participants are selected for their similarly positive dispositions, displaying eagerness and an open mind. The fact that our seminars last a full week is another major contributing factor to their success. Having such an extended and intimate amount of time together offers masters the time and space to go into real technical and emotional depth, while giving participants the opportunity to spend a prolonged amount of time watching a master at his peak, and ability to ask any questions they can think of.

The experts share exclusive, insider-information on any subject desired: detailed technical knowledge, how to run sessions, how to handle artists, managing a career, the maintenance of a positive attitude, building and sustaining success, and more. The tutors also assess the work of participants, by listening to their mixes, mixing recording sessions that they bring, and providing extensive feedback to each participant about where they are at, and how they can get to where they want to be. This invaluable input offers a unique advantage to those participants wanting to become world-class professionals in their own right.

Another primary factor in making the MWTM seminars exceptional is that they take place at La Fabrique, a large, comfortable, high-end recording studio thoughtfully designed in a picturesque historic building. Surrounded by huge, lush grounds in the south-east of France, you are amidst one of the world’s most beautiful environments during your stay. The secluded and idyllic location offers participants and tutors space to relax and recharge, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and the all-demanding intensity of their more routine professional environments.

Because the courses are residential, the participants and tutors work, eat, socialize, and sleep in the same setting. While masters, and attendants, will at times opt to retire to their private quarters, there is ample opportunity for social interaction outside of the studio environment.

In short, for seven days participants are able to experience mixing with a master in both senses of the phrase, mixing and interacting with them.


La Fabrique is an amazing residential recording studio that is located in Saint-Rémy de Provence (south of France) in an old, beginning of the 19th century farm. The studio is right in the middle of one of the most impressive classical music collection in the world: 200,000 vinyls, 30,000 films, thousands of books... It features state of art equipment and esoteric acoustic spaces.


The total price to attend a seminar starts at 4000 Euros and includes the following:


Your own private bedroom, on site within the residential studio


Full-board accommodation with gourmet meals prepared by our chefs


A certificate of completion issued on behalf of Mix with the Masters


Spend a vast amount of time together and learn from the guest speaker

*Financing is often available from governmental sources in different countries. Please contact us with any questions regarding the payment process or other topics.

Frequently asked questions

The MWTM teams offers a variety of educational events hosted around the globe.

Our flagship events are week-long seminars that take place at a luxurious residential recording studio in the South of France called ‘La Fabrique’. These unique experiences have been occurring since MWTM was founded in 2010, and they have reportedly changed the careers of so many who greatly benefited from attending.

More information can be found here

Masterclasses are held at various locations, typically at a large recording studio in a music industry capital city. Previous masterclasses have taken place in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Each masterclass includes lunch, however other meals, transport, and accommodation are to be arranged by the participants.

More information can be found here

Our simple application process involves letting us know of your experience with audio and including some examples of projects you’ve worked on.

For week-long seminars in the South of France, please apply here.

For Masterclasses in various locations, please apply here.

Applications are welcome from everybody!

The MWTM programme was launched in 2010 after the first ever week-long seminar was conducted at Studios La Fabrique. At the time, it was intended to be a one-off event and the company did not exist. After the astonishing success and positive feedback following the debut seminar, MWTM was formed and further seminars were hosted featuring different guest speakers. To date, over one hundred and twenty seminars have taken place!

Aside from hosting an average of twelve week-long seminars per year, MWTM has also run a number of Masterclasses and exclusive recording studio gatherings in the United States, typically coinciding with pro audio conventions by NAMM and AES. Our presence at these conventions has involved hundreds of live hour-long workshops given by A-list producers and engineers using a large-format console on stage!

In the United Kingdom, Mix with the Masters has conducted Masterclasses in London, exhibited at conferences, and curated a number of special guest appearances at Abbey Road Studios for its 90th anniversary festival in 2021.

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