Russell Elevado

  • D'angelo
  • Keziah Jones
  • Alicia Keys
  • The Roots


Russell Elevado, is a recording engineer and record producer based in New York City. Elevado's achievement for recording and mixing contemporary R&B recording artist D'Angelo's critically acclaimed Voodoo album, earned him a Grammy award in 2000. Voodoo is now considered a classic album in the contemporary R&B genre and paved the way for the neo-soul movement.

Elevado's "old school" engineering techniques and preference for using mostly vintage equipment gave the album a sound reminiscent of a classic soul or funk record but with a fresh approach, fusing hip hop textures and psychedelic treatments heard on classic sixties and seventies rock records. In 2015 he and D'angelo won another Grammy for Best R&B Album on D'Angelo's Black Messiah album, the long-awaited follow up to Voodoo. Also notable is his work with The Roots, Erykah Badu, Common and Bilal who were leading artists of the neo-soul genre.

Russell Elevado

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