Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis

  • Sam Smith
  • Outkast
  • Ne-Yo
  • Mariah Carey


Kevin ‘KD’ Davis is a Grammy award-winning mix engineer from Los Angeles, USA.

He was born into the music business, his father being a record producer and his mother a songwriter. From a very young age, Kevin was frequently at studios and exposed to pro audio gear at home. He became intrigued with keyboards, drum machines, and other such tools.

As a teenager, Davis went on tour as a roadie with his mother, where he learned about the live music business, setting up stages, using equipment, and more. In 1991 he enrolled in a program at the L.A. Recording Workshop, then following his studies, worked in various studios as a runner and assistant engineer.

His career took an enormous turn in 1995 when he mixed 'Gangsta's Paradise', the global smash hit by Coolio. Since then, KD has churned out hits for Outkast, Ne-Yo, Sofia Carson, Céline Dion, London Grammar, Dionne Warwick, Usher, Mariah Carey, Pink, Trina & Kelly Rowland, Chris Brown, India Arie, Sam Smith, and a long list of others!

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