Ain't No Way

Jennifer Hudson

(02 min / 35 min)

Kevin Davis

  • Mixing

Kevin Davis returns for a new video honoring the Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin! Watch the Grammy award-winning engineer break down his mix of Aretha’s iconic ballad, ‘Ain’t No Way’, as performed by Jennifer Hudson for the 2021 biopic ‘Respect'.

Davis reveals his hybrid processing chains, as well as his in-the-box techniques for treating soulful, dynamic performances. With each processing stage examined in detail, you will be able to learn his techniques for softening harsh artefacts and elevating subtle details. You will learn how KD combines channel strips and compressors to achieve his signature sound and add dimension, tone and color to this luxurious soundtrack. These additions evoke the spirit and warmth of classic soul recordings, while adding a contemporary high-fidelity edge. It is a must-watch for vintage connoisseurs and modern innovators alike.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Russian, French

Kevin Davis

About Kevin Davis

Kevin ‘KD’ Davis is a Grammy award-winning mix engineer from Los Angeles, USA. He was born into the music business, his father being a record producer and his mother a songwriter. From a very young age, Kevin was frequently at studios and exposed to pro audio gear at home. He became intrigued with keyboards, drum machines, and other such tools. As a teenager, Davis went on tour as a roadie with his mother, where he learned about the live music business, setting up stages, using equipment, and...

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