Luis Fonsi

(23 min / 1h30)

Andrés Torres Mauricio Rengifo

  • Production

Step into Conway Studios for a Mix with the Masters premiere featuring Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo! In this series, the multi award-winning production duo take a deep dive into the session of 2017 mega hit 'Despacito' by Luis Fonsi.

They recount what it was like to hear the simple demo, and the journey undertaken to create a wildly successful record that would retain its Cumbia roots yet appeal to the masses. They describe the recording process, comment on the songwriting, and stress the importance of emotion over technicalities in performance.

The pair take you through the expansive multi-track, analyse arrangement, share their editing techniques, and demonstrate how they apply effects. They discuss vocal recording workflow from both a technical and psychological perspective, and reveal how they encourage momentum and positivity in every session.

Andrés and Mauricio also demonstrate how they craft a competitive rough mix and elaborate on their relationship with the mixer, who was Jaycen Joshua for this project!

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Andrés Torres Mauricio Rengifo

About Andrés Torres Mauricio Rengifo

Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo are a Colombian production and songwriting team who have become highly sought after in the world of Latin pop music. Mauricio is half of the urban pop duo Cali Y El Dandee, known for a number of hits including 'Yo Te Esperare' and 'Por Fin Te Encontré'. Andres has developed an illustrious career as a session musician, producer, and songwriter for a variety of acts. In 2015, after a long friendship and professional relationship, Torres and Rengifo decided to...

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