Make It Right


Chris Coady

  • Mixing

The first MWTM series with renowned mixer Chris Coady has landed! Hosted at EastWest Studio 3 in Hollywood, these videos reveal how Coady mixed the 2022 indie rock single ‘Make It Right’ by Sasami.

He gives an overview of how his workflow evolved since he began mixing at age eighteen, and reasons why he sometimes opts for mixing ‘in the box’ while other times will implement a hybrid approach. Chris discusses his professional relationship with the artist and goals for this project, then dives into the session.

You’ll see how he mixed the song entirely within Pro Tools, learn about his clever template in detail, and note his favorite plug-ins used for specific purposes. He shares his techniques for parallel processing, adding excitement to vocals, widening the mix while retaining central energy, and much more!

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese

Chris Coady

About Chris Coady

Chris Coady is an American record producer and mixing engineer from Baltimore, Maryland. He opened his first recording studio when he was eighteen, after taking the opportunity to purchase analog equipment at a time of low resale value in the mid-90’s. He was passionate about its continued use, despite the release of the Alesis ADAT machine and subsequent rise in popularity of digital recording at the time. In 2001, Coady moved to New York City and secured a technician role at Quad studios. There,...

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