The American Dream Is Killing Me

Green Day

(10 min / 1h01)

Chris Lord-Alge

  • Mixing

Watch CLA remix this powerful rock record from scratch. The multi-platinum mixer leaves his home base at Mix LA in search of new sonic territory. Inspired by the diverse gear collection at Rue Boyer, he fires up the studio’s pristine SSL 4000E and puts his analog mix techniques to the test.

Chris approaches the mix as an opportunity to experiment with the studio’s high-end equipment racks. He sets up a genuine slap using a vintage Revox tape machine and he pushes the mix into a new dimension using a stack of boutique compressors from Manley, Dramastic and Undertone Audio. He clearly defines his intentions behind each hardware insert and effects send, allowing you to follow his decision-making process as it happens.

Chris starts at the very beginning, showing how he prepares a basic DAW session for mix. He applies some gentle pre-processing and summing in the box before outputting the session to the 48-channel console. Once all the analog gear has been patched in, he builds a powerful balance in a matter of seconds. Along the way, he feathers in some tasteful EQ and compression to bring out the personality of each band member and bring the mix to life.

It is always inspiring to watch Chris work behind the console and this series offers a fresh take on his tried and tested process. Watch him exercise his signature mix techniques using a new set of tools and learn more about his work with this iconic rock band.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian

Chris Lord-Alge

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