The Other Side

Bea Munro

(13 min / 3h04)

Greg Wells

  • Mixing

Join us at Rocket Carousel studio for an extensive series with the multi-talented Greg Wells! Throughout these eleven videos, the Grammy award-winning producer dives into the multi-track recording session of ‘The Other Side of Fear' by artist Bea Munro. Wells takes you through his hybrid setup that includes a bespoke Undertone Audio console, a selection of outboard gear, and various plug-ins within Pro Tools. He proceeds to mix the project from scratch, revealing his mix template and processing techniques for live drums, electric guitars, bass, vocals, and the mix buss. You'll see how he uses both hardware and software tools for EQ, compression, harmonic excitement, distortion, and more, in both direct and parallel applications. Greg builds a static mix, then performs plug-in and level automation until he reaches a point at which he would like the artist to hear the record.

Subtitles in English, Spanish

Greg Wells

About Greg Wells

Few producers in music can rival the pedigree and resume of Grammy-winning producer, mixer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Greg Wells. The Police’s own Stewart Copeland once dubbed Wells “the Swiss Army knife” of the industry, as his wide range of skills has crafted hits for everyone from Katy Perry and Adele to Timbaland featuring OneRepublic, All American Rejects and Deftones. Wells’ career has transcended sonic guidance, as the fluent guitarist, bassist, drummer and keyboard player has...

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