Your Life Over Mine


(08 min / 1h22)

Greg Wells

  • Mixing

Join Greg Wells at his L.A. studio for a series on hybrid mixing! This instalment features the record 'Your Life Over Mine', a single by the Irish singer Bry. Using Pro Tools, his favourite plug-ins, and a premium selection of outboard equipment, Greg mixes the multi-track production session from scratch. He plays the raw material that he tracked and produced, shares his opinions, then dives into the mixing phase. Wells demonstrates a variety of techniques for treating vocals, acoustic and slide guitar, bass, drums, cello, and ambient textures. While the majority of signal processing is done 'in the box', he further enhances the audio by inserting his analog mix buss chain. Aside from imparting his mix workflow, Greg addresses important topics that include microphones, mindset, and mastering!

Subtitles in English, Spanish

Greg Wells

About Greg Wells

Few producers in music can rival the pedigree and resume of Grammy-winning producer, mixer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Greg Wells. The Police’s own Stewart Copeland once dubbed Wells “the Swiss Army knife” of the industry, as his wide range of skills has crafted hits for everyone from Katy Perry and Adele to Timbaland featuring OneRepublic, All American Rejects and Deftones. Wells’ career has transcended sonic guidance, as the fluent guitarist, bassist, drummer and keyboard player has...

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