Florence + The Machine

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Jack Antonoff

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The long-awaited second series with star songwriter and producer Jack Antonoff is here!

In this release, the multiple Grammy award-winner takes you through his experience of creating ‘King’, the lead single from the 2022 album ‘Dance Fever’ by Florence + The Machine. Antonoff recounts his first ever studio session with Florence Welch, during which they brainstormed with excerpts of her poetry and block notes on piano. He explains how their visions for the project aligned and the early writing process at Rak Studios evolved into the final production.

Jack reveals how he recorded and treated bass guitar, drums, Juno synth, vocals, and more. He also elaborates on the desired effect of parts played in terms of composition and performance. Furthermore, Antonoff shares a few boldly unorthodox methods that have earned him such wide acclaim as a major creative force in modern music!

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Italian

Jack Antonoff

About Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff is a four-time Grammy®Award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, as well as the creative force behind Bleachers. After serving as lead guitarist in multi-platinum band fun., Antonoff launched his solo project Bleachers in 2014 with the critically acclaimed debut album Strange Desire. The album found him setting emotional meditations on anxiety, depression, and loss against a backdrop of earworm melodies and massive choruses on songs like the gold-certified “I Wanna Get...

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