Workshop #1

Puig Vault

(12 min / 53 min)

Jack Joseph Puig

  • Mixing

Enter the Puig Vault for a workshop with the esteemed Grammy award-winning engineer and producer Jack Joseph Puig! In this one-hour video series, JJP discusses the importance of analog equipment for imparting certain characteristics to audio. He shows us his astounding collection of gear, and chooses to focus on a few select pieces to convey his concepts. Running a Pro Tools session, JJP feeds stereo drum tracks to his rare ADR F769 Vocal Stresser and remarkable Fairchild 670 tube compressor. He encourages critical listening to the source material with and without the inserts, and describes in detail how and why the gear is affecting the signal in certain ways. He also compares the results of summing his stems digitally versus analog, through his custom-built summing mixer. Furthermore, he differentiates between the sonics of his Neve, API, and custom tube stereo buss transformers.

Subtitles in English, Spanish

Jack Joseph Puig

About Jack Joseph Puig

Grammy Award winner Jack Joseph Puig is renowned in professional circles as a platinum award wining record producer, inventor, technologist and outspoken advocate for high standards in professional and consumer audio. Mr Puig has a versatile and innovative approach in working with Rock, Urban, and Pop artist ranging from widely successful and varied career, having worked with blues legend Eric Clapton and John Mayer; with roots rock revisionists like The Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow and The Counting...

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