Tracking Drums #4


(09 min / 1h29)

Jack Joseph Puig

  • Recording

At United Recording Studios, Jack Joseph Puig shares his deep knowledge and effective techniques for capturing an impactful drum sound. He first demonstrates the application of certain tools and accessories in preparing a kit, then takes you through his favourite microphones and preamps to use. After discussing details of the acoustic space, drum positioning and microphone placement, Puig enters the control room. Here, he shows a clever way of determining signal polarity, then illustrates his analog treatment of the audio. Joined by legendary drummer Josh Freese, Puig finally auditions every signal and contrasts the raw and processed results for you to hear.

Subtitles in English, Spanish

Jack Joseph Puig

About Jack Joseph Puig

Grammy Award winner Jack Joseph Puig is renowned in professional circles as a platinum award wining record producer, inventor, technologist and outspoken advocate for high standards in professional and consumer audio. Mr Puig has a versatile and innovative approach in working with Rock, Urban, and Pop artist ranging from widely successful and varied career, having worked with blues legend Eric Clapton and John Mayer; with roots rock revisionists like The Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow and The Counting...

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