Production Seminar #2

Jaycen & Timbaland & Pensado

(18 min / 56 min)

Jaycen Joshua, Dave Pensado, Timbaland

  • Production

Revisit the magical Studios La Fabrique for a second series with mixing dream-team Jaycen Joshua and Dave Pensado alongside producer Timbaland!

They present an exciting work in progress and recount how the project began with the teenage artist and was developed under collaboration with producer Scott Storch and others. You'll hear how the original parts underwent drastic transformation thanks to the cutting-edge skills and creativity of those involved. After listening to the rough mix, suggestions are voiced by the guest speakers and seminar attendees. With the Pro Tools session open, Jaycen goes through the elements to apply processing, perform edits, re-arrange parts, and even add new material recorded on location!

Aside from witnessing the value of brainstorming with musical talent, you'll learn about the trio's approach to tackling the record with vital considerations in mind – target audience, playback formats, marketing, culture, and more.

Subtitles in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese

Jaycen Joshua

About Jaycen Joshua

Jaycen Joshua’s career in the music business began at age fifteen, when he began working at MCA and Motown records under the mentorship of Jheryl Busby. Later, he undertook a Marketing / A&R position at Dreamworks, then joined MTV as a show developer and Viacom in the advertisement division. Longing for more engagement in the creation of records, he enrolled himself in the Los Angeles Recording Workshop. Within days of starting the course, he made the decision to devote his life to mixing, and...

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Dave Pensado

About Dave Pensado

Dave Pensado is counted among the recording industry’s most distinguished mix engineers. His career began in Atlanta in the 1970s, where he engineered sound for live shows and studios; He relocated to Los Angeles in 1990, and has since mixed countless hit records by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Shakira, Beyoncé, Flo Rida, Afrojack, Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, and Jill Scott, to name but a few. In 2008, he won his first Grammy award for the album ‘Growing Pains’ by Mary J. Blige.  In...

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About Timbaland

Timbaland is a multiple Grammy Award-winning record producer, rapper, singer, songwriter and DJ from Virginia, USA. His first full-credit production work was in 1996 for the debut album of R&B artist Ginuwine; Within the following two years, he garnered further attention from his work on records by Missy Elliott and Aaliyah, as well as his debut solo album, 'Tim's Bio’. In 2002, Timbaland produced the hit single 'Cry Me a River' for Justin Timberlake, and went on to produce most of Timberlake's...

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