Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi


(13 min / 1h51)

Jaycen Joshua

  • Mixing

We are thrilled to present our second video series with chart-topping mix engineer Jaycen Joshua! This instalment focuses on another hit by the Spanish artist Rosalía – 'Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi' featuring Ozuna. Jaycen recounts the way in which he mixed the official release in hybrid fashion using a SSL 9080 XL K-Series console, then reveals how he crafted a sonically competitive remix entirely 'in the box'. He goes into great detail on his Pro Tools template and innovative processing techniques on a variety of source material – lead vocal, ad-libs, steel drums, 808, kick, snare, percussion, and more. Noting the style of producer 'El Guincho', Joshua demonstrates how the record can be enhanced for the pop market whilst retaining its cultural aesthetic. Aside from sharing his clever mix methods, Jaycen elaborates on a number of crucial subjects including apparent loudness, preamp choices, monitoring, taste vs. technique, and a lot more!

Subtitles in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese

Jaycen Joshua

About Jaycen Joshua

Jaycen Joshua’s career in the music business began at age fifteen, when he began working at MCA and Motown records under the mentorship of Jheryl Busby. Later, he undertook a Marketing / A&R position at Dreamworks, then joined MTV as a show developer and Viacom in the advertisement division. Longing for more engagement in the creation of records, he enrolled himself in the Los Angeles Recording Workshop. Within days of starting the course, he made the decision to devote his life to mixing, and...

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