Mastering Workshop #4

Various Artists

Joe LaPorta

  • Mastering

Welcome to Sterling Sound studios for our debut video release with Joe LaPorta! In this series, the Grammy-winning mastering engineer tells the story of his professional journey, then gives insight into his current working environment and practices. He discusses many important topics, including the correlation between dynamic range and streaming playback level, studio monitoring, and analog vs. digital processing. He also demonstrates his approach to mastering two sonically contrasting mixes from the acts Shawn Mendes, Run the Jewels.

Subtitles in English, Portuguese, Spanish

Joe LaPorta

About Joe LaPorta

Born and raised in New York, LaPorta graduated from New York University with a bachelor's degree in Music Technology. He began his mastering career at The Lodge and then joined Sterling Sound in 2013 as a senior engineer. He has amassed a body of work that includes artists like David Bowie, The Weeknd, Foo Fighters, Vampire Weekend, Big Sean, The Killers, Tiesto, Imagine Dragons, Bon Jovi, 21 Savage, Run the Jewels, Armin van Buuren, Young Thug, Beach House and others. In addition to mastering,...

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