Third Date

How To Train Your Dragon

(21 min / 1h41)

John Powell

  • Production

Join us at Guillaume Tell studios in Paris for our first series with John Powell. The renowned film composer describes how he typically embarks on a new project, referring to his work on the movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. Following a discussion about finding inspiration, his influences, and modern workflow, he introduces the multi-track session of the film cue ‘Third Date’. Taking you through various parts of the record, he elaborates on the composition process, storyline vs. music, arrangement techniques, structure, contrast, samples vs. live recordings, optimal instrument ranges, and other musical aspects. He also comments on his work from more technical and emotional perspectives, discussing topics such as his studio setup, pre-mixing, tracking, distortion, ghost writing, self-criticism, obsessing over details, seeking help, and the benefits of collaboration.

Subtitles in English, Spanish

John Powell

About John Powell

John Powell is a film score composer from East Sussex, England. His first score was in 1990 for ‘Stay Lucky’, and his career began to soar after moving to Los Angeles in 1997 and scoring the blockbuster ‘Face / Off’. He is critically acclaimed for his music to over fifty motion pictures and revered in particular for his work on animated films. Scores by John Powell include those of ‘Shrek’, ‘Antz’, ‘Chicken Run’, ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, the series of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, ‘Bourne’, ‘Ice...

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