IV Jay

(23 min / 1h26)

Leslie Brathwaite

  • Mixing

Join us at Studios La Fabrique for another series with trap mixer extraordinaire Leslie Brathwaite! With the mix session open, he gives us a comprehensive walkthrough of ‘Care’ by the artist IV Jay. Brathwaite describes the dialogue between parties involved in the record, his typical starting points for a project, and how he tends to follow a subtractive workflow. He then reveals every stage of processing applied to the vocals and instrumentation, from EQ and compression to effects, stereo manipulation and pitch correction. He explains why he avoids certain commonly-used mix techniques, discusses gain staging and headroom with mastering in mind, and much more!

Subtitles in English, Spanish

Leslie Brathwaite

About Leslie Brathwaite

Leslie Brathwaite is a Grammy award-winning mix engineer from the U.S. Virgin Islands. The vibrant Caribbean music scene made a strong impression on him as a young teen, and he set up a studio in his bedroom with a small multitrack recorder. To expand his horizons and learn more about audio, he attended Full Sail University in Florida. After graduating from the Recording Arts program in 1992, Brathwaite moved to Atlanta where a flourishing music scene was being driven by a group of producers that...

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