Pharrell Williams

(23 min / 1h31)

Leslie Brathwaite

  • Mixing

Leslie Brathwaite returns for another fully ‘In the Box’ mixing walkthrough, this time of the 2013 superhit ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams! Brathwaite shares his story of professional development as an engineer, how he became Pharrell’s mixer, conducting business, and his approach to realising the vision of artist and producer. With the Pro Tools session open, he shows his track layout, discusses organisation, analyses the rough bounce, then dives into mixing. Leslie auditions the raw audio and reveals his processing chains in detail for individual tracks, groups, and his mix buss. He affirms his decisions by respecting the rough mix, allowing flexibility for mastering, considering the average end listener, and finally, knowing when to call a mix finished.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Leslie Brathwaite

About Leslie Brathwaite

Leslie Brathwaite is a Grammy award-winning mix engineer from the U.S. Virgin Islands. The vibrant Caribbean music scene made a strong impression on him as a young teen, and he set up a studio in his bedroom with a small multitrack recorder. To expand his horizons and learn more about audio, he attended Full Sail University in Florida. After graduating from the Recording Arts program in 1992, Brathwaite moved to Atlanta where a flourishing music scene was being driven by a group of producers that...

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