Raye, 070 Shake

(01 min / 1h09)

Mike Sabath

  • Production

Created in a flash of inspiration, this innovative R&B single by RAYE climbed to the top of the charts across the globe. Watch multi-talented producer Mike Sabath deconstruct the hit single in Ableton Live and get inspired by his soulful approach to making records.
The beat begins with a basic combination of drums, piano and mellotron before developing into a fully orchestrated production featuring elegant strings, soaring vocals and unexpected key changes. Mike reveals how he channeled these ideas into a powerful arrangement and he shares techniques for creating space, drama, tension and release.
Groove and feel play an important role in his process, and Mike generously shares his approach to developing a strong rhythmic pocket. He also experiments with Ableton’s built-in resampling features, combining instruments, plugins and field recordings to create textures that are fresh and unfamiliar.
Throughout the series, you will witness Mike’s playful and inspiring energy in action. He examines his relationship with the artist and discusses the importance of spirituality in his creative process. Always searching for moments of self-expression and connection, he opens up about his inner motives for making music and reveals what inspires him to keep creating day after day.

Subtitles in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

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