Kaytranada ft. Kali Uchis

(19 min / 35 min)

Neal Pogue

  • Mixing

Step inside The Mix Room studio for a video series premiere with renowned producer and engineer Neal H. Pogue! In this installment, Neal takes you through the process of how he mixed the 2021 Grammy award-wining single '10%' by Kaytranada featuring Kali Uchis.

He describes how he got involved with the album project, and how he approached the record with sonic translation to clubs in mind. Working in hybrid format with Pro Tools and a SSL J Series console, Pogue demonstrates how he used straightforward processing with an emphasis on fine-tuned balance and equalization for this track.

You'll learn how he manages kick and bass relationships, why he doesn't use mix templates, how he treats his master buss, and much more!

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Neal Pogue

About Neal Pogue

Neal H. Pogue is a Grammy award-winning producer, engineer, and mixer from Roselle, New Jersey. He began his career in Los Angeles in the 80’s as an aspiring musician. One day while looking for opportunities to join touring acts as a drummer, he decided to enroll as an audio engineering student at Sound Master Recording. Throughout his course, Pogue became proficient at recording multi-track demos of his own performances. Upon graduation, he caught the attention of Michael Jackson’s brother, Randy,...

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