Central Tour 2022


(05 min / 45 min)

Olivier Lude

  • Mixing

Go on tour with the platinum-selling French band Indochine and discover the incredible engineering achievements behind their 360° stadium show. Their technical team takes us on a guided tour of their custom-built reinforcement system, featuring the latest in immersive and hybrid mixing technology.

The series begins at front of house, where the band’s mix engineer, Olivier Lude, provides a comprehensive rundown of his mixing and recording rigs. He provides an overview of his workflow and demonstrates how he recreates the band’s signature sound using a digital console, vintage outboard and low-latency DSP from Waves and Universal Audio.

Next, the mix passes into a complex audio matrix that feeds the stadium’s 220+ loudspeakers. System technician, David Nulli, explains this routing system in detail, sharing tips for how to maximize coverage and intelligibility when working in vast, resonant spaces.

Closer to stage, the crew investigates the band’s backline, equipment racks and monitor system. Lionel Pelatan unveils his approach to in-ear monitors and showcases how he uses KLANG to render binaural mixes for the band in real-time. These highly innovative solutions all contribute towards creating a fully immersive experience for both the band and the audience.

Subtitles in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian

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