Aquí Estoy Yo

Diego Torres

Rafa Sardina

  • Mixing

We're excited to present our first ever series featuring the eclectic grammy-winning engineer and producer Rafa Sardina! Hosted at his private Los Angeles studio, this installment focuses on the vibrant mix of ‘Aquí Estoy Yo’ by Diego Torres. Sardina takes you through his expansive yet highly efficient hybrid setup that comprises a SSL Duality console, Oracle summing mixer, Maselec master transfer console, outboard racks, and Pro Tools. He recalls the 2015 session, comments on the rough mix, and compares it to his own. He proceeds to reveal how he drastically enhanced the work sonically and emotionally, from both technical and artistic perspectives. Aside from sharing his mix methods refined over decades, Sardina ventures into discussion about career development, investing in analog gear, finding inspiration, working impulsively, and deciphering an artist's true vision for their record.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Rafa Sardina

About Rafa Sardina

Rafa Sardina is a multiple Grammy award-winning producer, engineer, and mixer from Spain. Though he is best known for working on pop, rock, and R&B projects, he has recorded and mixed a diversity of genres – orchestral, big band, dance, gospel, soul, rap, choral, film soundtracks, and more.His love of music began at an early age, playing guitar and attending local recording sessions. After four years in medical school, he chose to pursue his passion for music. A live sound stint throughout the North...

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