Stay High

Brittany Howard

Shawn Everett

  • Mixing

We're proud to present our very first video series with the boldly creative engineer and producer Shawn Everett! We visit him at his quaint Los Angeles studio for an exploration of 'Stay High' by Brittany Howard, lead singer of Alabama Shakes. Everett speaks of his professional journey, musical influences, and mentors who helped cultivate his taste, knowledge, and career. He plays the demo recording, comments on its aesthetic, and discusses how he approached the entire project with a certain vibe in mind. He describes his unorthodox recording techniques, signal multing, slow-speed tape processing, and more unusual methods. He also reveals his master buss chain, gives tips for referencing other material, and discusses the psychology of maintaining your vision for the finished product.

Shawn Everett

About Shawn Everett

Shawn Everett is a Canadian engineer and producer who has won multiple Grammy and Juno awards for his work with Alabama Shakes, Kacey Musgraves, The War on Drugs, and others. After graduating high school, Everett was accepted as a Work-Study participant in the Audio program in Music & Sound at The Banff Centre, Alberta. He took the opportunity to immerse himself in unconventional audio practices over the following four years, experimenting in the campus studios and working on sonic installations. Everett...

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