Brittany Howard

(22 min / 3h01)

Shawn Everett

  • Mixing

Join the groundbreaking mixer Shawn Everett for a series filmed at Rue Boyer studios in Paris, France! Throughout this 3-hour video presentation, you’ll get an exclusive look at how the Grammy Award-winning engineer challenges himself to remix ‘Tomorrow’ by Brittany Howard from scratch.

Using the session of an ‘in the box’ mix very similar to the release, Shawn removes all plug-ins and starts afresh. This is certainly not your average remix though – it’s a lot more. He rearranges parts, makes bold edits, and gets very experimental with a newly imported sample.

Applying the concept of inverse sculpting, Everett uses chord analysis and snap tools within Celemony Melodyne to transpose the music. He applies extreme distortion with Soundtoys Decapitator and takes the delta output of the audio through Oeksound Soothe to warp the material beyond recognition! You can see the use of certain tools in a way you’ve likely never considered and enjoy watching a true innovator create something special.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Russian, French

Shawn Everett

About Shawn Everett

Shawn Everett is a Canadian engineer and producer who has won multiple Grammy and Juno awards for his work with Alabama Shakes, Kacey Musgraves, The War on Drugs, and others. After graduating high school, Everett was accepted as a Work-Study participant in the Audio program in Music & Sound at The Banff Centre, Alberta. He took the opportunity to immerse himself in unconventional audio practices over the following four years, experimenting in the campus studios and working on sonic installations. Everett...

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