The War on Drugs

(08 min / 2h59)

Shawn Everett

  • Mixing

Our third series with the fearlessly creative producer and engineer Shawn Everett is here!

Brought to you from Motorbass Studio in Paris, this twelve-part installment presents a detailed example of how he tackles an ‘in the box’ mix from scratch. The project at hand is the song ‘Victim’ by The War on Drugs, which Everett mixed previously for its 2021 release. In this case he begins with a blank canvas, opening the production session and crafting a mix from zero.

He provides an overview of the session, discusses the lengthy recording process, and conveys how experimentation with tape was an essential foundation of the record. He proceeds to give a comprehensive walk-through of his unique approach that comprises frequency band analysis, reference material, and mix buss alteration as a first step. Following the essential groundwork, Shawn demonstrates how he enhances individual tracks and groups with a variety of tools and techniques!

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Shawn Everett

About Shawn Everett

Shawn Everett is a Canadian engineer and producer who has won multiple Grammy and Juno awards for his work with Alabama Shakes, Kacey Musgraves, The War on Drugs, and others. After graduating high school, Everett was accepted as a Work-Study participant in the Audio program in Music & Sound at The Banff Centre, Alberta. He took the opportunity to immerse himself in unconventional audio practices over the following four years, experimenting in the campus studios and working on sonic installations. Everett...

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