After Party

Don Toliver

(09 min / 40 min)

Sonny Digital

  • Production

The first-ever MWTM series with producer Sonny Digital has landed! Hosted at Hollywood’s iconic EastWest studios, these videos explore Sonny’s beat-making and broader music production workflow.

He takes you through a number of FL Studio sessions, focusing mainly on that of the 2020 hit ‘After Party’ by Don Toliver. You’ll gain insight into how he selects his samples and alters them to create unique sounds using techniques for cutting, reversing, time-scale modification, and more. Witness how he arranges melodic hooks with drum and bass patterns while leaving space for a vocalist to add their parts. Aside from composition, Sonny also reveals how he combines a variety of tools including MPC hardware, FL Studio, and Pro Tools. Furthermore, he elaborates on his collaboration with other renowned talents Mike Dean and Travis Scott!

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French

Sonny Digital

About Sonny Digital

Grammy-nominated and Platinum-selling producer Sonny Digital is one of the youngest producers credited with creating the sound of Hip-hop’s most prominent names in Atlanta and beyond. Originally from Michigan, Sonny moved to Atlanta and as a teenager, he found his passion in making music. He produced smash singles like Tuesday by ILoveMakonnen, Racks by YC and Future, Birthday Song by 2 Chainz and Kanye West and Red Opps by 21 Savage. Digital’s other production credits include Travis Scott, PnB...

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