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Stuart White

  • Mixing

We are proud to release our first video series with Grammy-winning engineer Stuart White! After a full playthrough of the song ‘Becker’ by Autolux, he dives into all aspects of the Pro Tools session. Having mixed the record in the box, White revisits the routing and processing implemented to create a sonically intricate and gritty result that oozes with character! He discusses the material given to him by the band, explains why he committed to certain sounds, and demonstrates the differences made by bypassing and reactivating plug-ins used. Treatments include subtractive notch EQ, multi-band & sidechain compression, low end mono summing, pan automation, vocal effects, subharmonic synthesis, and more. White also reveals his unorthodox mix processing, which comprises multiple stereo busses blended in parallel and routed to a final ‘limiter’ channel.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Stuart White

About Stuart White

Stuart White is a recording and mixing engineer from North Carolina. At ten years old, he took an interest in bouncing tracks between a double tape deck and a karaoke machine. As a teen, he DJ’d obsessively and experimented with a sampler and an eight-track recorder. At age twenty-two, he graduated from Full Sail University in Florida and moved to New York, where he was hired by Quad Studios. Over the following decade, White worked alongside highly-regarded engineers Russell Elevado and Ann Mincieli,...

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