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The Greatest Showman
"The Greatest Show"

Inside the track #13

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Inside the track #13

Part 1

Greg Wells explains the production process of The Greatest Showman and presents

Part 2

Greg Wells presents his workflow and all the plugins he used in the session. The

Part 3

Greg continues to explain the plugins he used like The Satin Tape Machine or the

Part 4

Greg Wells solo the tracks of "The Greatest Show" and unveils his tricks to use parrallel

Part 5

Greg Wells focuses on voices and choirs tracks and explain how to mix them in such

Part 6

Greg Wells solos adlibs and hook tracks before summurazing his process.

In this brand new series of videos, join producer Greg Wells as he presents his session for the opening of Oscar nominated blockbuster: The Greatest Showman. In this 1h30 producing tutorial, Wells reveals his tricks about mixing vocals, his mixbus and parallel compression. He also explains the incredible story behind the film and its musical production.


Few producers in music can rival the pedigree and resume of Grammy-nominated producer, mixer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Greg Wells The Police’s own Stewart Copeland once dubbed Wells “the Swiss Army knife” of the industry, as his wide range of skills has crafted hits for everyone from Katy Perry and Adele to Timbaland featuring OneRepublic, All American Rejects and Deftones.

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