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David Wrench

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David Wrench is a Welsh musician and studio producer/sound engineer from Anglesey, Wales. As he began his musical carreer in the late 80's, he was bitten by the crazy beats of acid house and was wholly inspired by dance music. In 1990, he released the first Welsh–language acid house 12–inch, ‘Lledrith Lliw’, as Nid Madagascar.

His strong tastes for grooves, experimental projects, psychedelic trips and deep atmospheres made him working with many outstanding indie international artists like The XX, Blossom, Bloc Party or Everything Everything. But he is best-known for mixing some of the most acclaimed albums of recent times, namely Caribou’s Our Love, FKA Twigs’s LP1 and Jungle’s self–titled debut.

Nowadays, he’s mixing almost enterly in the box, with a really fast, economic and efficient approach in his home mix room in Bangor, housed in a converted garage, where he runs Pro Tools HD through Adam A7X monitors with a Focal CMS sub, alongside a secondary pair of Yamaha MSP5s.

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