Too Good

Arlo Parks

(02 min / 1h10)

David Wrench

  • Mixing

Our third series with David Wrench explores the mix techniques used on ‘Too Good’ by Arlo Parks, a single from her Mercury prize-winning debut album! Based at his new studio, David reveals how he mixed the project completely ‘in the box’.

He takes you through the entire Pro Tools session, comprising tracks of drums, claps, vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, Hammond organ, Rhodes piano, and Mellotron.

You’ll see how he implemented a variety of effective measures to enhance percussive impact, add vocal presence, control bass guitar dynamics, and more. Further to these demonstrations, Wrench also comments on other pertinent aspects of the work, including its production and arrangement by Paul Epworth.

He also discusses mix versions, the mastering stage, handling disagreements with artists, and other important parts of his job as a producer and engineer.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French

David Wrench

About David Wrench

David Wrench is a Welsh musician and studio producer/sound engineer from Anglesey, Wales. As he began his musical carreer in the late 80's, he was bitten by the crazy beats of acid house and was wholly inspired by dance music. In 1990, he released the first Welsh–language acid house 12–inch, ‘Lledrith Lliw’, as Nid Madagascar. His strong tastes for grooves, experimental projects, psychedelic trips and deep atmospheres made him working with many outstanding indie international artists like The XX,...

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