No Time To Die

Billie Eilish

(14 min / 1h33)

Hans Zimmer, Finneas, Rob Kinelski, Stephen Lipson

  • Recording

Goldfinger, Skyfall, Live And Let Die... the music of James Bond will live forever.

Mix With The Masters is honored to premiere a historic six-part series about the creation of the latest Bond theme, ‘No Time To Die’, performed by Billie Eilish.

The Grammy-winning song is a masterstroke in songwriting, performance, production and mixing and this series will take you on a journey through every step of the process, featuring interviews and demonstrations from Finneas O’Connell, Hans Zimmer, Stephen Lipson and Rob Kinelski. Filmed in both London and LA, you will get an inside look into the studios of all 4 members of the team as they discuss the technical and creative decisions that brought the song to life.

Finneas tells the story of how he and Billie were given 20 pages of the script and asked to pitch a song for the film back in 2019. He demonstrates how it all started with a simple piano motif, and how the duo worked around the clock to record the song whilst on the road.

Hans Zimmer, score composer and team leader, shares his initial reaction to the song and how it evolved during the production process. He recounts how the song inspired him and he introduces the all-star team that contributed to the final production.

Across the pond in London, Stephen Lipson walks through his nuanced approach to producing the record with Finneas. He demonstrates how he used time-stretching, tempo shifts and focussed rearrangements to finesse the track, as well as one drastic last-minute change that won over James Bond himself!

Finally, we get an inside look at the mixing process with Rob Kinelski, where he reveals the final arrangement and signal processing chains that brought the song over the finish line and out into the world.

Like the film, this series is not one to miss.

Subtitles in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Japanese

Hans Zimmer

About Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is a score composer and music producer from Frankfurt, Germany. During his childhood he was strongly influenced by the work of Ennio Morricone, and has cited Once Upon a Time in the West as the score that inspired him to become a composer. Hans moved to London as a teenager, where he finished school and began his career playing keyboards and synthesizers with the band Krakatoa. Throughout the 70s he wrote advertising jingles and worked with a number of other bands including Buggles,...

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About Finneas

Finneas Baird O’Connell (known mononymously as 'Finneas') is a multiple Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor from Los Angeles. In 2010, at age twelve, he took a songwriting class with his mother, then purchased Logic Pro and began to write and produce songs. In 2016 he released his debut single 'New Girl', and in 2018 released his first EP, titled 'Blood Harmony'. He has written and produced music for a variety of popular artists including his younger sister, Billie...

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Rob Kinelski

About Rob Kinelski

Rob Kinelski is a Grammy-winning record producer and engineer from Staten Island, New York. He relocated to New Jersey with his family at a young age, and after graduating from Howell High School he went on to study audio at the SAE Institute in Manhattan. His career began as an assistant at Sony Studios New York, where he had the opportunity to engineer on projects with well-known acts including Swizz Beatz, LL Cool J, and Ryan Leslie. Most notably, Rob was involved in the recording of Beyoncé's...

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Stephen Lipson

About Stephen Lipson

Stephen J. Lipson is a Grammy award-winning record producer, audio engineer, guitarist, and songwriter from England, U.K. Lipson started out as a guitarist and songwriter in various bands, then in 1975 began to work as an engineer. In 1976, he opened his own recording studio with composer Duncan Bruce – the Regents Park Recording Company. Lipson left Regents Park in 1978 and began freelancing. In 1983, he joined producer Trevor Horn at London’s iconic Sarm studios to work on Frankie Goes to Hollywood's...

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