Louis Berry

(07 min / 3h46)

Jacquire King

  • Mixing

Watch a session being mixed ‘in the box’ from start to finish by the renowned producer, engineer, and mixer Jacquire King! This series focusses on the highly energetic song ‘Nicole’ by Louis Berry. King tackles the project to infuse movement, enhance perceived loudness, and bring more clarity to the musically dense arrangement. He plays the rough mix, explains why he chose to mix fully ITB, and reveals the stereo buss processing he starts with for his top-down approach. Jacquire proceeds to work on aspects of the separate tracks and groups, bringing out the strongest qualities in a diversity of instruments including live drums, bass, guitars, percussive elements, organ, and synthesisers. You’ll see how he adds excitement, tames harshness, optimises phase relationships, writes automation, and much more!

Subtitles in English, Spanish

Jacquire King

About Jacquire King

Jacquire King’s projects include Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, Dawes, Of Monsters and Men, Buddy Guy, Norah Jones, Kings of Leon, Josh Ritter, Cold War Kids, Punch Brothers, Editors, Robert Ellis, James Bay and Melissa Etheridge. His talents as a producer, engineer, and mixer have been recognized with three Grammy Awards. His multi-platinum selling work has received nearly 30 Grammy Award nominations. King is widely known for working in the Americana genre. The country scene in Nashville is part of...

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