Royal Morning Blue & Hannah

Damon Albarn & Fete Sad Girls

(17 min / 1h31)

John Davis

  • Mastering

For the first time on MWTM, renowned mastering engineer John Davis reveals his techniques and shares knowledge acquired from decades in the music business! Hosted at Metropolis Studios in London, this series covers a wide range of topics related to John’s vocation.

He describes the purpose of each tool he uses, compares the qualities of analog and digital formats, and demonstrates his workflow on two contrasting projects – ‘Royal Morning Blue’ by Damon Albarn and ‘Hannah’ by Fete Sad Girls. The former is mastered from half inch tape and altered with subtlety, whereas the latter is mastered from an audio file and treated more drastically to achieve desired results. Aside from teaching his methods, Davis elaborates on other topics at the forefront of any mastering career. These include dynamic range compression in broadcasting, managing clients’ expectations, charging appropriately, and being flexible.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, French

John Davis

About John Davis

John Davis is a British audio mastering engineer from London, U.K. He played in bands throughout his time at secondary school, then applied for a job at the BBC after sixth form. Davis became a clerk to a Radio 2 producer, recording cassettes of broadcasts off-air. He later moved to the Current Recordings Library, then CBS Studios tape library, where he began working in Mastering, starting in a role involving cassette tape duplication. Mastering engineer Beryl Ritchie would delegate jobs to...

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