Love Letters


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Joseph Mount

  • Production

After the dazzling success of Metronomy’s third album, British producer and songwriter Joseph Mount felt the need to change track. Enchanted by the old-school techniques of the 60s and 70s, he set about making an all-analog album in the age of the internet.

This 3-part series explores the production process behind the band’s 2014 single, Love Letters. Recorded live onto an 8-track tape machine and later mixed straight to ¼ inch, the record evokes the spirit of classic records but with a subtle modern edge. Joseph describes how the band used an immaculately restored EMI console, some outboard and a tape machine to shape their musical process from the ground up. He retraces his steps arranging the song for a limited track count, recreating simple modulation effects the hard way, and making risky tape edits to bring it all together.

A digital native, Joseph emphasizes the value of searching for new experiences in the studio and the rewards that come from taking creative risks. When even simple processes become a challenge, anything can happen.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French, Chinese

Joseph Mount

About Joseph Mount

Joseph Mount is the lead member and founder of Metronomy, a group that blends the genres of electronica, indie rock, and synth-pop. He was born in Devon, England in 1982 and began his musical journey as a drummer in various bands at school. His first foray into electronic music started with him buying an iMac G3 computer and teaching himself how to make beats. He started Metronomy as a solo bedroom project in 1999. In 2000 Mount went to study music and visual arts at Brighton University, then...

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