Go Girl

Luke James

(10 min / 1h45)

Marcella Araica

  • Mixing

Join us at Dream Asylum Studios in Miami for our second instalment on hybrid mixing with Marcella Araica! In this series, the acclaimed engineer gives you an insight into the creation of 'Go Girl' by Luke James.

She recounts the various stages of tracking, discusses production by Danja, and demonstrates her techniques by remixing the multi-track! You'll see how Marcella groups certain parts, runs audio through hardware, and further enhances the signals 'in the box'. She explains why she incorporates certain equipment into a workflow that combines the power of both analog and digital tools. Using plug-ins, outboard gear, and a SSL 9000J console, Araica shows you how she processes drums, percussion, 808, synth bass, guitars, and vocals!

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Marcella Araica

About Marcella Araica

Marcella Araica is an American recording and mixing engineer from Miami, Florida. Her foray into music production began in high school, where she began to spend time with aspiring hip-hop artists and taught herself how to make beats using Cakewalk software. After school, she completed an audio engineering program at Full Sail university and graduated at the top of her class. Marcella’s professional career began in March 2002, when she landed a position at Hit Factory studios. She was mentored...

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