Mastering Workshop #5

Various Artists

Mike Bozzi

  • Mastering

We're proud to present our second series with Grammy-winning mastering engineer Mike Bozzi! Hosted at Bernie Grundman Mastering, each of these videos document the mastering process for singles by the artists Post Malone, Kim Gordon, and Tyler, the Creator. Bozzi gives an overview of his past, equipment he uses, and his general approach to projects. He then tackles each record, commenting on the mixes and demonstrating how they can be sonically enhanced. Aside from sharing his mastering techniques, Mike elaborates on a variety of pertinent subjects that include mastering singles vs. albums, loudness trends, quality control, and determining the artist's vision.

Subtitles in English, Portuguese, Spanish

Mike Bozzi

About Mike Bozzi

Mike Bozzi is an American Grammy-winning mastering engineer currently based at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, California. He had exposure to the music business from a young age, as his father was a radio program director in New York and Los Angeles, and later worked at a major record label. This upbringing gave him a broad view of the industry which encompassed recording, live performance, broadcasting, marketing, and promotion. Bozzi’s early jobs included being an usher at the Greek...

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