David Bowie

(14 min / 51 min)

Tom Elmhirst

  • Mixing

Enter the world of prolific mix engineer Tom Elmhirst as he dives into the multi-track session of ‘Lazarus’ – a song from David Bowie’s Grammy-winning final album, ‘Blackstar’. At Electric Lady studios in New York, Elmhirst describes the collaboration with Bowie and his producer Tony Visconti, detailing the entire journey from rough to final mix. Learn about his gain staging principles, console layout, monitoring environment, ergonomic VCA usage, effects routing, and a hybrid workflow that comprises a variety of processing from high-end outboard gear to stock Pro Tools plug-ins.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Tom Elmhirst

About Tom Elmhirst

Mixing over the last twenty years, Tom Elmhirst has accumulated a long list of chart-topping tracks working with the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Frank Ocean, Florence & The Machine, Mark Ronson, U2, Peter Gabriel, Travis Scott, Daniel Caesar, Lil Yachty and many more. The list emphasizes Elmhirst’s position as one of the world’s leading mixers, something also reflected in his 17 Grammy Award wins. Drawing upon his early experiences at SARM in the UK and his work with Trevor Horn,...

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