The Strokes

The Adults Are Talking

Join mixer Ben Baptie for his debut MWTM series! Hosted at Pony Studios in London, this instalment guides you through Ben’s general workflow and focusses on his mix of ‘The Adults Are Talking’ by American rock band The Strokes. He gives an overview of his studio, hybrid setup, and routing, then dives into the multi-track session to reveal his techniques! You will learn how Baptie combines the use of outboard gear and plug-ins to enrich the sounds of vocals, instruments, and the overall mix. Despite going into detail on parameter settings of various tools, he places emphasis on the importance of intuition and emotion in his approach to any project. He discusses what he learned from his prestigious mentor Tom Elmhirst and elaborates on the psychological aspect of mixing, all the while stressing the importance of having solid technical foundations that allow creativity to flourish!

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